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Dr Stephen Thorpe

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Department  School of Engineering and Materials Science
  Queen Mary University of London

Research Keywords

mechanobiology, stem cells, cell mechanics, mechanotransduction, biomechanics

Research Interests

I am interested in the understanding of how mechanical stimuli impact cell function.  While my research is focussed on the role of the nucleus as a sensor of mechanical stimuli, and modulator of mechano-responsive signalling in stem cells, it is clear that the primary cilium also plays a key role in these processes. Regulation of nuclear architecture and primary cilia structure may be co-regulated, as in the case of HDAC6 regulation of cilia length and histone acetylation, and I am currently exploring the nature of other such links.

I implement a range of biological and engineering techniques to probe cellular processes in repsonse to mechanical perturbation. In addition to enhancing our basic understanding of stem cell mechanobiology, I apply many of these techniques toward improving cartilage tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies, and improving our understanding of cancer stem cell function.



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