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  • Calling all #cilia folk, join us in Barga, Italy February 17-22 2019 for the GRC Cilia, Mucus & Mucociliary Interactions meeting. Always fantastically interactive- awesome lineup includes @ReiterLab, @kjverhey1 & @GaiaPigino... @GordonConf Please R/T!
    19:00 17-12-2018
  • Updated list of current cilia related research funded by UKRI with over £16M of live grants:
    10:06 17-12-2018
  • Take home: The two centriole assembly pathways, parental centriole-dependent and deuterosome-dependent, may cooperate to form whatever number of centrioles the cell needs... based on its surface area. How that is communicated is still a mystery... something we're working on now.
    15:47 05-12-2018
  • First preprint from my lab! How do multiciliated cells, which can have anywhere between 30-600 cilia per cell, establish that number. Each progenitor starts with exactly 2 centrioles, then cells undergo massive centriole amplification to form the 30-600 needed to template cilia. 05-12-2018
  • Day 5 #ConwayAdvent Favourite 2018 moments - every scientist's proudest hour is seeing the fruits of so much effort in print 🙃 - #cilia rock @oliverblacque @UCD_SBBS @UCD_Research @UKCiliaNetwork
    08:01 05-12-2018
    21:08 04-12-2018
  • @johnsoncilialab @UKCiliaNetwork Look forward to hosting it in Edinburgh- especially now the cytoskeleton themed baking gauntlet has been thrown down... CiliaClub 2019
    18:21 10-11-2018
  • The next big cilia meeting will be in Sheffield, which is the @UKCiliaNetwork meeting on 22nd of March. Our next #CiliaClub meeting will be in Edinburgh, September 2019.
    18:21 10-11-2018
  • Here we go. Another cover for @GaiaPigino highlighting the discovery of the mechanism how dynein gets stowed away in the IFT train along its journey to the cilia tip. Congratulations! @mpicbg and @maxplanckpress is so lucky to have you.
    • Our November issue is live! Read about #cytoskeletal motor , #adhesion for cell division, #CRISPR base editor screen, and differentiation of skin cancer, and our editorial on increasing public awareness of scientific knowledge. Check it out here
    23:49 28-10-2018
  • Exciting #PCD morning lined up with @twobluechickens & Andy Jarman, @PCD_Scotland, our clinical colleagues and more- talk cilia, cell biology & clinical genetics! See cilia beat, watch PCD fruit flies & get your hands on DNA and much more! @MRC_IGMM @mrc_hgu @EdinburghUni
    • Do you have a personal connection to Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD)? Please come to our free public PCD awareness event and research update. Still time to register for talks, hands-on science activities & Institute tours!
    23:49 28-10-2018



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