Online Symposia Series

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many important cilia and cell biology meetings were postponed. In response to the overwhelming demand from members of our cilia community, to keep us connected we ran an entirely virtual online symposia series every fortnight where our PIs, students and postdocs shared their exciting stories . These symposia provided an inclusive mechanism to enjoy great science, deep discussions and to support our peers!

The symposia have continued and are free and open to all. However registration for each symposium is required in advance. We will run the symposia series under the ethos of the UK Cilia Network, sharing unpublished data from emerging talent favouring talks from students, post-docs and early career researchers. Our goal with these online events is to provide an opportunity to support our young researchers during social distancing, to stimulate the discussion and feedback among our community they need and to foster collaboration and sharing of expertise across all things cilia.

Talks where speakers agree, will be cloud-recorded and processed for 48 hours of on-demand viewing available to registrants only. This is a way of protecting our ethos of sharing unpublished data whilst acknowledging the many competing demands for our audience’s time- including childcare, teaching and time zones.

With 100s of attendees from UK and internationally at each symposium, we are thrilled that these symposia continue to grow in popularity. As long as you all keep volunteering to speak, we will keep running the series!

» See the Events page for details of each upcoming symposium and registration details

Please submit your talk abstract and title here on registration at the Eventbrite page or via email to Dr Pleasantine Mill who is coordinating the symposia (

Pleasantine Mill

Dr Mill