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Prof Martin Knight

BEng, MSc, PhD

Professor of Mechanobiology

Department School of Engineering and Materials Science
Location Queen Mary University of London
Telephone  +44 (0)20 7882 8868

Research Keywords

primary cilia, polycystins, IFT, cartilage, mechanosignalling

Research Interests

Martin Knight’s research examines the interplay between the structure and the function of primary cilia and implications for musculoskeletal disease aetiology. This has potential impact in the development of cilia therapies which modulate cilia signalling pathways. Part of this work involves the area of mechanobiology and mechanotransduction or how living cells and tissues ‘sense and respond’ to mechanical forces. This is essential for the health and functionality of many tissues and therefore has application in various medical therapies from tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to pharmaceuticals. Studies are examining primary cilia in a variety of tissues including articular cartilage, tendon, ovarian cancer  and mesenchymal stem cells. 

Knight Cilia Research Group:

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