June 2022

  Sun 26 Jun
 - Fri 1 Jul 2022
Image: FASEB SRC The Biology of Cilia and Flagella 2022
Tucson, Arizona
Organisers: Rebecca Burdine Karl Lechtreck Peter Jackson Sessions: Cilia in development Cilia and kidney disease Imaging of motile cilia Cilia signaling Models for cilia disease Cilia and metabolic disease Centrioles as cilia organizers Ciliopathies and Human Genetics Cilia structure and assembly Biotech and Ciliopathies Keynote Speaker: Benjamin Kaupp "What makes cilia so specialized compartments"
  Mon 27
 - Tue 28 Jun 2022
Image: 5th Czech Cilia Meeting
Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague, Czechia

October 2022

  Tue 4
 - Fri 7 Oct 2022
Image: Conference: Cilia 2022
Maternushaus Conference Centre, Cologne, DE
The new date will be October 04 - 07, 2022, at the Maternushaus right in the center of Cologne. Cilia2022 will be the fifth consecutive biennial European Cilia Conference. We initiated this series in London (Cilia2012), followed by Paris (Cilia2014), Amsterdam (Cilia2016, EMBO-funded), and Copenhagen (Cilia2018, EMBO-funded). Two decades of groundbreaking discoveries in cilia biology has revolutionized our understanding of the critical role of cilia in signaling, development, tissue...

February 2023

  Sun 19
 - Thu 23 Feb 2023
Image: Conference: 2023 Cilia, Mucus, and Mucociliary Interactions Gordon Research Conference
Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco, Barga, Italy
**** Cancelled for 2021 in-person event. Will be postponed entirely until 2023- please watch this space for updates***** Since 2005, the Cilia, Mucus and Mucociliary Interactions GRC has brought together world-class investigators to discuss the latest topics focused on furthering our understanding of the processes which underline mucociliary clearance system in health and disease. This conference attracts a broad array of scientists ranging from biophysicists and biochemists to...
  Tue 28 Feb
 - Sat 4 Mar 2023
Image: Conference: Cold Spring Harbor Asia Cilia and Centrosome Meeting
Awaji, Japan
Cilia & Centrosomes, AWAJI, JAPAN Awaji Yumebutai Conference Center, JAPAN Abstract deadline: TBC Organised by: Jessica Feldman, Stanford University Fanni Gergely, University of Cambridge Hiroshi Hamada, RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research Gert Jansen, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam Junmin Pan, Tsinghua University We are pleased to announce the the Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Cilia & Centrosomes which will be held in Awaji, JAPAN, close to...