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Dr Jarema Malicki

Reader in Developmental Genetics

Department Department of Biomedical Science
Location University of Sheffield

Research Interests

Eukaryotic cilia are fascinating highly polarized cell surface features that frequently detect and/or process extracellular signals, including small molecules, light, and polypeptides. We aim to understand how signal transduction mechanisms are assembled in cilia and how they function is processes as diverse as embryonic patterning, vision, and metabolism.  The laboratory has also some interest in other aspects of cell polarity, such as membrane subcompartmentalization and organelle positioning in cell’s cytoplasm.


Dear colleagues,

I’m very saddened to let you know that Jarema Malicki passed away last Friday, 4th January 2019, after a short illness. As current or previous Cilia Club members, I am sure that you valued his many research contributions, his collegiality and his friendship. At our institute in Leeds, we knew Jarema well and we are all deeply shocked.

It has been a very sudden death and there are few details from University of Sheffield. I will try to keep you informed and included in any plans once they begin to unfold. However, for the moment my thoughts are with his immediate colleagues, students and friends.

With kind regards,

Colin Johnson.



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