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Ms Isabella Collins

Department Kennedy Institute, Medical sciences, NDORMS
Location University of Oxford

Research Keywords

Matrix, Cartilage, Primary cilia, Endocytosis, Osteoarthritis

Research Interests

My project will investigate a putative axis of matrix regulation between the chondrocyte ciliome and/or periciliary architecture including the ciliary pocket, and matrix remodelling in osteoarthritis. Specifically the project has 4 key questions. 

1. How is the ciliome altered in clinical OA - what is the OA genomic signature that relates to cilia?

2. How is chondrocyte/ciliary pocket orientation disturbed in OA?   

3. How do IFTs regulate LRP-1 mediated endocytosis?

4. Is matrix catabolism spatially regulated by a ciliome-matrix continuum?



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