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Dr Hermes Gadêlha

Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and Data Modelling

Department School of Engineering
Location University of Bristol

Research Keywords

Flagella, Cilia, mathematical biology, molecular motors, bio-filaments

Research Interests

Gadelha's lab focuses in understanding unexplained phenomena and their unusual cross-fertilizing connections in a broad range of physical systems. Currently, they are inspired by, though not restricted to, the fertile intersects between different branches of mathematical science and biology.

The lab exploits the synthesis between empirical investigations and theoretical development, encompassing areas in small-scale and biological fluid mechanics, diffusion, solid mechanics and elasticity, biological soft-matter, statistical mechanics, mathematical biology. They use a combination of analytical derivations, asymptotic analysis, numerical computations and empirical investigation in areas ranging from cilia and flagella, human and animal reproduction, microbial swimming and infection, cellular mechanics, including cancer, molecular motors, bio-filaments, membranes, bio-inspired micro-robots and microfluidic devices.

Gadelha's lab is continusly lookng for new collaboration with biologist and experimentalists. Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter srange/paradoxical results that would benefit from a mathematical modelling view!



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