International Conference on Cilia, Flagella and Centrosomes

Co-organized by the French (GDR CIL) and UK Cilia Networks


Wednesday 27th November 2019

12:00am Conference registration
2:00pm Welcome from the Organising committee: Sylvie Schneider-Maunoury, Barbara Tanos.
2:15pm Keynote lecture: Paul GUICHARD ( Geneva, Switzerland)
The molecular architecture of the centriole
Session 1: Cilia and centrosome

Chairs: Lukas CAJANEK and Peter SATIR

3:05pm Imène BOUHLEL (Cambridge, UK):
How is the centriole duplication site defined?
3:25pm Elif-Nur FIRAT-KARALAR (Istanbul, Turkey):
Centriolar satellite integrity and distribution are required for efficient assembly and function of centrosomes and cilia
3:45pm Francesc GARCIA-GONZALO (Madrid, Spain):
The c-terminal tails of htr6 and sstr3 contain ciliary localization sequences that act redundantly with those in the ic3 loop
4:05pm Coffee break
Poster sessions 1 and 2 (odd numbers only)
5:25pm Swadhin Chandra JANA (Lisbon, Portugal):
Cytoskeleton organising centre is essential for the homeostasis of the ciliated cell in Drosophila
5:45pm Jean-André LAPART (Lyon, France):
DZIP1 and FAM92 form a ciliary transition zone module with cell type specific roles in Drosophila
6:05pm Megan McFIE (London, UK):
High throughput confocal screen of 1,728 compounds to uncover novel regulators of chondrocyte cilia expression.
6:25pm Jung- Chi LIAO (Taipei, Taiwan):
Super-resolution microscopy reveals coupling between mammalian centriole subdistal appendages and distal appendages
6:45pm Setting up of the "Networking Game"
7:00pm Welcome cocktail and Networking Game


Thursday 28th November 2019

9:00am Keynote lecture: Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi (Trondheim, Norway):
The function of motile cilia in ventricular flow and brain development
Session 2: Motile cilia and flagella
Chairs: Juliette AZIMZADEH and Søren CHRISTENSEN
9:50am Vito MENNELLA (Southampton, UK):
Super-resolution Molecular Map of Basal Foot Reveals Novel Cilium in Airway Multiciliated Cells.
10:10am Olivier MERCEY (Paris, France):
Revisiting the dynamic of multiple basal body production in Multiciliated Cells.
10:30am Coffee break
Poster sessions 1 and 2 (even numbers only)
11:50am Anne-Marie TASSIN (Gif-sur-Yvette, France):
MKS-NPHP module proteins control ciliary shedding at the transition zone
12:10pm Aminata TOURE (Paris, France):
Mutations in TTC29, encoding an evolutionary conserved axonemal protein, result in asthenozoospermia and male infertility
12:30pm Buffet lunch
1:30pm Keynote lecture: Gaspar Jekely (Exeter, UK):
Large-scale neuronal coordination of locomotor cilia
Session 3: Cilia and IFT in signaling and development
Chairs: Dominic NORRIS and Nathalie SPASSKY
2:20pm Isabelle CAILLE (Paris, France):
Primary cilium cyclicamp regulates neuronal migration at the centrosome.
2:40pm Maximilien FURTHAUER (Nice, France):
The circular fluid flow in the zebrafish left-right organizer ensures leftward particle transport.
3:00pm Sara PESTANA (Lisbon, Portugal):
The Extracellular Vesicles in the Left-Right Organizer.
3:20pm Coffee break
Poster sessions 3 and 4  (odd numbers only)
4:40pm Thomas THEIL (Edinburgh, UK):
The Joubert gene INPP5E acts as a negative regulator of Sonic Hedgehog signaling in human brain organoids.
5:00pm Julien VERMOT (London, UK):
 Intraflagellar transport complex B proteins regulate the Hippo effector Yap1 during proepicardium development.
5:20pm Christine VESQUE (Paris, France):
Searching for the initial triggers of scoliosis in the zebrafish rpgrip1l ciliopathy mutant
5:40pm Community meeting (Chairs: Hannah  Mitchison,  Philippe Bastin, Bénédicte Durand & Martin Knight).
7:30pm Gala dinner and/or pub


Friday 29th November 2019

Session 4: Ciliopathies: clinical aspects and molecular mechanisms.             
Chairs: Colin JOHNSON and Sophie SAUNIER
9:00am Sebastian PATZKE (Oslo, Norway):
A CEP104-CSPP1 complex is required for formation of primary cilia competent in Hedgehog signalling
9:20am Séverine BAR (Strasbourg, France):
Mutations in CEMIP2 cause a ciliopathy by interfering with the control of primary cilium length at the centriolar satellites.
9:40am Sabrina MECHAUSSIER (Paris, France):
Expanding the clinical spectrum associated with TUBB4B mutations.
10:00am Martina HURANOVA (Prague, Czech Republic):
BBS1, BBS4 and BBS9 control the spatiotemporal assembly of the BBSome
10:20am Stefaan VERBRUGGEN (London, UK):
Osteocyte primary cilia regulate breast cancer cell metastasic phenotype.
10:40am Coffee break
Poster sessions 3 and 4  (even numbers only)
12:00pm Oliver BLACQUE (Dublin, Ireland):
Ciliary RAB-28 regulates extracellular vesicle production and outer segment disk shedding, and is trafficked to cilia via a BBSome-ARL6-PDE6D pathway.
12:20pm Keynote lecture: Brunella Franco (Naples, Italy):
OFD type I syndrome: lessons learned from a rare ciliopathy
1:10pm Closing remarks and awards (Philippe Bastin, Hannah Mitchison, Evi Goggolidou).