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UK Cilia Network

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Research Projects

The various groups within the UK Cilia Network are engaged in numerous research projects investigating diverse aspects of cilia structure and function in development, ageing, health and disease. Many of these projects are collaborations between members of the group and funded through a variety of sources.

The following are current cilia related projects funded by the Research Councils UK:

Cilia Development & Disease
MRC award to MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit and Dominic Norris 

The role of ciliary Ca2+ signalling in the regulation of intraflagellar transport
BBSRC award to Marine Biological Association and Glen Wheeler 

MRC award to University of Sheffield and Jarema Malicki 

BBSRC award to University of Sheffield and Jarema Malicki 

The dynein-2 microtubule motor
BBSRC award to University of Bristol and David John Stephens 

Molecular Genetics of Mammalian Cilia in Development and Disease
MRC award to University of Edinburgh and Pleasantine Mill 

Using SBEM and cellular electron tomography to study the basal body/pro-basal body linker.
BBSRC award to Oxford Brookes University and Sue Vaughan 

Control of stem cell proliferation and differentiation by primary cilia in the developing cerebral cortex
BBSRC award to University of Edinburgh and Thomas Theil 

Core - Structure and Assembly Mechanisms of Centrioles
MRC award to MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Mark Van Breugel 

Dissecting the Molecular Mechanism of Intraflagellar Transport Motors
BBSRC award to Birkbeck College and Anthony John Roberts 

Nudc as a new molecular target to investigate the pathogenesis and treatment of skeletal ciliopathies.
MRC award to University College London and Dagan Jenkins 

Osteoarthrtis may be treated as an environmental ciliopathy
MRC award to Queen Mary, University of London and Martin Matthew Knight 

Functional genomics identification and characterization of novel disease genes, mechanisms and pathways of ciliogenesis
MRC award to University of Leeds and Colin Anfimov Johnson 

Bilateral BBSRC-SFI: Structure-function relationships in the ciliary transition zone
BBSRC award to University of Leeds and Colin Anfimov Johnson 

Unravelling the molecular mechanisms controlling respiratory tract mucus gel formation in health and disease
MRC award to University of Manchester and David Thornton 

Defining the role of ciliary BBS proteins in neuroplasticity
BBSRC award to University College London and Philip Beales 


Sequential assembly of the bacterial flagellum outside the living cell
BBSRC award to University of Cambridge and Gillian Margaret Fraser 

BBSome trafficking: investigating a novel pathway associated with virulence in Leishmania
MRC award to Keele University and Helen Price 

The Establishment of Left-Right Asymmetry in Mammalian Development
NC3Rs award to University of Cambridge and David Andrew Turner 

Structural mechanisms of regulation and assembly in the nephronophthisis INVS-NPHP3-NEK8-ANKS6 module
MRC award to University of Leeds and Richard William Bayliss 

Evaluating genetic therapeutics in ciliopathies
MRC award to University College London and Elizabeth Forsythe 

A multi-user confocal superresolution microscope for cell and developmental biology
BBSRC award to University of Cambridge and Cahir O'Kane 

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