Excellent UK Cilia Network Meeting in Edinburgh

6 October 2023


We had a great annual UK Cilia Network meeting in Edinburgh on Friday 6th October. There was an amazing calibre of talks, superb poster presentations and much needed face-to-face networking. We enjoyed the fantastic work of our keynote speaker, Prof Dagmar Wachten, who's presentation was entitled 'Shedding light on ciliary signaling and function'. The meeting also launched the MRC/NIHR CILIA-REN: Renal Ciliopathies National Network, led by Prof John Sayer

Thank you to our wonderful host and organiser Pleasie Mills and co-organizer Girish Mali, and to Andrew Jarman, David Stephens, who helped with the difficult task of shortlisting abstracts for the meeting. We are also grateful to our funders the Company of Biologists, Epithelix, Proteintech, the Ciliopathy Alliance and CILIA-REN- renal ciliopathies national network, who generously helped keep this meeting free, ensuring we were well fed and who sponsored our excellent keynote.

Looking forward to the next UK Cilia Network meeting - details coming soon.

Contact: Martin Knight

Updated by: David Lockwood