UK Cilia Network Fall meeting (In Person)


Date: 6 October 2023   Time: 11:00 - 17:00

Registration is now open for our first in-person UK Cilia Network meeting since lock-down- we look forward to welcoming you in Edinburgh. In addition to guaranteed great science and fantastic interactions, we will also be shaping our ECR network and leadership opportunities in our Executive. Our keynote will be from Prof Dagmar Wachten entitled 'Shedding light on ciliary signaling and function', and we will have the launch of the MRC/NIHR CILIA-REN: Renal Ciliopathies National Network, led by Prof John Sayer.

To join us, please complete this form and if interested in being considered for an oral and/poster presentation, please upload an asbstract. Deadline for consideration is 04/09/2023 at 17:00. Abstracts can be edited repeatedly up until that date.

Conference Organisers: Prof Pleasantine Mill and Dr Girish Mali.


11:00–12:00 Arrival, brunch, posters

Session I

12:00–12:05 Welcome, Pleasantine Mill
12:05–12:25 Viviana Macarelli (PhD student, Merkle lab, Cambridge) Characterisation of short sequences that target proteins to the primary cilia membrane across diverse cell types
12:25–12:45 Anu Sironen (Postdoc, Mitchison lab, ICH UCL) Male specific motile cilia in efferent ducts
12:45-13:05 Daniel Baird (PhD student, Larsen lab, Copenhagen) TAK1 and TAB2 operate at the primary cilium to coordinate heart development
13:05–13:25 Kateřina Apolínová (PhD student, ZeClinics, Barcelona) A novel platform for unraveling the role of the primary cilium in heart regeneration
13:25–13:45 Mathieu Bottier (Research Associate, Hogg lab, Royal Brompton Hospital) Use of Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence for the diagnosis of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
13:45-14:00 Ciliopathy Alliance talk and questions
14:00-14:45 Coffee break/posters

Session II

14:45–14:50 Welcome, Girish Mali
14:50–15:05 CILIAREN, Renal Ciliopathies National Network launch, John Sayers (Newcastle)
15:05–15:25 Katarzyna Szymanska (Postdoc, Johnson lab, Leeds) Developing new treatments for cystic kidney disease.
15:25-15:45 Francesco Boselli (Boselli lab, Durham) Ciliary alignment through flow-induced cellular rearrangements in mosaic tissues.
16:05–16:25 Analle Abuammar (RA, Mennella lab, Cambridge) Development of an automated pipeline for segmentation of ciliated cells from Volume Electron Microscopy data
16:25–16:45 Beth Cutting (PhD student, Knight lab, Queen Mary University of London) Development of a kidney organ-chip model to study therapeutic regulation of primary cilia mechanobiology
16:45-17:15 Keynote: Dagmar Wachten (Bonn) Shedding light on ciliary signaling and function
17:15-17:30 UK Cilia Network update, ECR elections and close

We are grateful to our generous sponsors the Ciliopathy Alliance, CILIA-REN, Company of Biologists, Epithelix and Proteintech for helping keep this event free and open to all!

Location:  Institute for Genetics and Cancer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Contact:  Pleasantine Mill

Updated by: David Lockwood