45th BSCB GenSoc UK Cilia e-symposium


Date: 19 September 2023   Time: 15:00 - 17:30

  • 15:00 -15:05 Pleasantine Mill - Opening remarks
  • 15:05 -15:25 Nuria Flames, Flames lab Biomedical Institute of Valencia, ES, Transcriptional regulatory logic of cilia formation in C. elegans.
  • 15:25- 15:45 Madison Walker, Myers lab University of Utah, US, GRK2 Kinases in the Primary Cilium Initiate SMOOTHENED-PKA Communication in the Hedgehog Cascade.
  • 15:45 -16:05 Zhen Chen, Vale/Agard labs University of California, San Francisco, US, De novo protein identification in mammalian sperm using high-resolution in situ cryo-electron tomography.
  • 16:05 -16:25 Xuecai Ge, Ge lab University of California, Merced, US, Deciphering cell signaling in the primary cilia in the developing brain.
  • 16:25 -16:45 Rytis Prekeris, Prekeris lab University of Colorado Anschutz, US, TTLL12 is required for primary ciliary axoneme formation in polarized epithelial cells.
  • 16:45 -17:15 Panel discussion

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Location:  On Zoom
Contact:  Pleasantine Mill

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