EMBO Centrosomes in Development, Disease and Evolution


Dates: 26-29 September 2023

Centrosomes are microtubule-organizing centers (MTOC) that function in conserved and diverse cellular and organismal processes. Their deregulation causes various human diseases including cancer and developmental disorders. Multiple paradigms of centrosome biology and pathophysiology have been significantly reshaped due to emerging biological concepts and breakthrough technologies. Among these major advances are the diversity of centrosomes/MTOCs in different organisms and cell types within a single organism, molecular understanding of mechanisms that underlie centrosome-linked diseases, and their crosstalk with other cellular structures. Moreover, centriolar architecture and composition have begun to be uncovered with unprecedented spatial and temporal detail using advanced imaging and omics approaches that only became available recently. Consequently, centrosome field has expanded from cell biology into genetics, physiology, physics, and translational innovation. The Hybrid EMBO Workshop "Centrosomes in Development, Disease and Evolution" (Centrosome2023) continues the series of triennial European Centrosome and Spindle Pole Body Conferences that attract participants from Europe and the world. This meeting has now become the largest centrosome meeting worldwide.

The Hybrid EMBO Workshop Centrosome2023 will cover 7 main topics:

  • Centrosome structure and biogenesis,
  • Centrosome and MTOC evolution and diversity,
  • Centrosome signaling and function,
  • Centrosomes in cell division,
  • Centrosomes in development and disease,
  • Interplay of centrosomes with other cellular structures,
  • Basal bodies.
Location:  Istanbul, Turkey
Contact:  Elif Nur Firat Karalar

Updated by: Pleasantine Mill