25th BSCB GenSoc UK CIlia Network e-symposium


Date: 4 May 2021   Time: 15:00 - 17:00

3:00 -3:05 Pleasantine Mill Opening Remarks

3:05 -3:25 Mu He, PI (Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong, CN) 'From one to many: the making of a multiciliated cell.'

3:25 -3:45 Vikas Daggubati, MD-PhD candidate, Raleigh lab (UCSF, US) 'Smoothened-activating lipids drive resistance to Hedgehog-associated medulloblastoma'.

3:45 - 4:05 Fei Fang, postdoc, Thomopoulos lab (Columbia University, US) 'Cilia in tendon enthesis function as mechanosensing antennae.'

4:05 - 4:25 Jaime Hibbard, Wallingford lab, PhD candidate (University of Texas at Austin, US) 'Diffusion-to-capture for peri-basal body retention of IFT proteins'

4:25 - 4:45 Jay Gopalakrishnan, PI (Heinrich-Heine-Universit├Ąt, DE) 'Cilium induction triggers differentiation of glioma stem cells '.

Location:  Online

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