BSCB GenSoc UK Cilia Network e-symposium 5


Date: 23 June 2020   Time: 15:00 - 16:45

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3:00 – 3:05 Pleasantine Mill Welcome Remarks

3:05 – 3:25 Ines Alvarez Rodrigo, postdoc, Raff lab, Oxford University, UK ‘Stepwise recruitment of Polo kinase to centrosomes’

3:25 – 3:45 Rui Zhang, PI, Washington University in St. Louis, US ‘High-resolution Cryo-EM Structure of a Natively Decorated Ciliary Doublet Microtubule’

3:45- 4:05 Mia Konjikusic, grad student, Wallingford/Gray labs, University of Texas at Austin, US ‘The Kinesin-9 Family: Beyond IFT Kinesins in Motile Cilia’

4:05 – 4:25 Christian Louis Paese, postdoc, Brugmann lab, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center, US ‘Analysis of the talpid2 reveals impaired osteogenesis and bone-remodeling as mechanisms for ciliopathic micrognathia’

4:25 - 4:45 Gabriela Toro-Tapia, postdoc, Das lab, University of Manchester, UK ‘Primary cilium remodelling mediates a cell signalling switch in differentiating neurons’

4:45 – 5:05 Max Nachury, PI, UCSF, US ‘Lysine63-linked ubiquitin chains earmark GPCRs for BBSome-mediated removal from cilia

Contact:  Dr Pleasantine Mill