Faseb, Biology of Cilia and Flagella

Dates: 4-9 August 2019

Launched in 2007 by Joel Rosenbaum, this FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) is the leading international meeting covering all aspects of cilia and cilia-related diseases.

The conference brings together established investigators and newcomers to the field of cilia including human geneticists; cell, molecular, and developmental biologists; biochemists; as well as physician-scientists using a broad range of models and methods to study cilia and cilia-related disease.

The main themes of this meeting are: 1) The basic biology of cilia including its structure, composition, and motility; 2) The mechanism of cilia signaling and its role during development and homeostasis; 3) The etiology of cilia-related disease and the development of treatments.

The conference will feature a keynote lecture by Maureen Barr, PhD (Professor of Genetics, Rutgers University), nine oral sessions and two poster sessions.

There are various ways to defray travel costs:
British Society for Developmental Biology - Company of Biologists Travel grants:
(reviewed the end of every month)

GenSoc Travel grants:
(June 1st deadline)

British Society for Cell Biology offer several travel bursaries including childcare coverage:

Location:  Snowmass USA