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Interview with Dr Barabara Tanos in magazine explaining some of her cilia related research. 'How did you get into research? As a child, as far as I remember, I was always “running” experiments. I would mix things up, leave them by the window and record how they changed over time. ...' read more (October 2015)
Interview with Prof Knight discusses ciliotherapy treatment for arthritis. Prof Knight (QMUL) was interviewed following our paper in Journal of Orthopaedic Research (see news) describing how lithium chloride prevents degradation of articular cartilage as seen in arthritis. See interview in The Pharmacy Learning Network (July 2015)
Media coverage following paper from Knight group published in Stem Cells. This paper showed that stem cell differentiation is associated with changes in primary cilia length and associated recruitment of IGF-R to the cilium. The paper is part of Melis Dalbay's PhD studies on the role of primary cilia in stem cell differentiation. Click here for full paper. See QMUL Press Release and associated write up in Science and MF Monitor 
'Surface Texture Influence Differentiation' - Article in 'The Scientist' on research from Knight group
The topography of a stem cell’s environment can influence cilia length, which in turn modulates cell signaling and development. The article followed a Queen Mary press release about our paper in Scientific Report: “Surface topography regulates wnt signaling through control of primary cilia structure in mesenchymal stem cells,” Scientific Reports, doi:10.1038/srep03545, 2013
Click here to read the article in The Scientist
Science Daily article - 'Scientist Discover new inflammatory target'
Following a Queen Mary press release about the paper from Knight's group in 'Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences', the story was picked up by various science media outlets including Science Daily. 
Click here to read the Science Daily article
A. K. T. Wann, M. M. Knight. Primary cilia elongation in response to interleukin-1 mediates the inflammatory response. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 2012; DOI: 10.1007/s00018-012-0980-y
Prof Knight - pod cast on the role of primary cilia in inflammation.
Martin Knight, talks to Bridget Dempsey about his research which discovered that primary cilia may represent an important therapeutic target to combat inflammation (2012). 
Click here to listen to the pod cast
  Cilia cartoon wins public engagement competion.
Queen Mary University of London ran a competion in which school children had to produce a drawing or piece of creative writing related to one of a few selected research area. The winning entry was an excellent cartoon by Natsaha Khan, depicting Martin Knight's research on primary cilia.
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